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Originally Posted by Pellegrino View Post
I'm not suggesting that cannabis improves performance, however it's a banned substance, and any taking of banned substances is cheating.
By definition of whose other than your own?

Because cheating means exactly what it means. Gaining an advantage by unfair methods. There is no advantage to be gained in sports by smoking weed. Ergo not cheating.

There are various reasons why a substance can be on the list of banned items. Sometimes it's because using it clearly gives an athlete some advantage over those who don't use it. Other times, it's there simply because it's deemed harmful and the reason for its entry is to protect the people involved. There is no need to tell which category cannabis belongs to.

Though admittedly, some substances can be classified to both at the same time, but weed is not one of them.

In order to avoid any conflict though, I guess we could just call this a wash and agree that you've simply rejected the meaning of the word and substituted your own. In which case, it would be prudent if you provided us with a list of similar words, if any, in order to avoid all this silly confusion in the future.

Of course, we're beating a dead horse already, given how in this case were apparently talking about alleged cannabis use in the first place, and now FIHA has managed to dig up the necessary test results to prove that the allegations were false.

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