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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
i agree with your premise that, in a vacuum, faceoffs are more important than the energy/momentum of scoring chances if they are not finished.

that being said, the overall point you're trying to make is completely flawed because these two players are not in a vacuum. skille can contribute offensively, smithson cannot.

skille's statistics last year (on pace) were more than smithson had in any season, and he's clearly improving as a player while smithson is clearly on the decline. he had six points last year (that's abysmal).

if smithson could contribute the points he did in 07-08 or the goals he did in 09-10, then you might have some type of argument here. but if you think this guy has the ability to score 10 goals or 20 points after watching him during his tenure as a panther, we're clearly watching a different player.

this guy has absolutely nothing to offer in the offensive zone. and looking at his stats, he's also never been a + player in his career after 05-06.....playing on pretty good predators teams too. i don't put much stock into the +/- stat, but in this case, i do, as his numbers in this category are extremely consistent. the fact that he's a -4 through -9 in his last 6 seasons straight is pretty telling. lets say you're the best defensive player in the history of the NHL and only allow 10 goals scored while you're on the ice. but you're so terrible offensively that you score 0. you're still a -10, despite being a wizard on D, you're causing more harm than overall good to your team.

i know your're a big baseball fan too (i lurk on - but hockey isn't a sport like baseball where you have "specialists" like LOOGY's that can contribute in only one area. having a good faceoff guy is great, as are enforcers, if they can play and contribute in all three zones. Smithson doesn't. Neither does Parros. and because of it, our fourth line is a complete black whole, regardless of the unfortunate soul that is paired with those two. that's a PROBLEM.

now, on the list of problems this team has right now, jarred smithson being terrible is probably in the 20's or 30's of things that need to be fixed, but my point is he's still a problem. he's waiver wire fodder just like santorelli.

thanks, santos
I think it's just a difference of opinion, really.

I understand your point of view, but I don't think Smithson has a "specialized role;" I think he's just a 4th liner and if you compare him to most 4th liners in the NHL, it just is what it is.

The +/- stat sucks, especially for players like Smithson. To begin with, he's starting his shifts in the defensive zone most of the time. Secondly, it's not a one-on-one game. He's a career 4th liner so he gets to play alongside guys like Parros, who are in the NHL solely because of a "specialized role."

Like, I'm not comparing the two players AT ALL...but just to prove the +/- point, when Marcel Goc was in San Jose (also a good team) as a 4th liner, he posted a - every year. I think we'd all agree that Goc is a good player though.

This is why there are advanced stats in every sport, hockey included. You can't just look at +/- without context.

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