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01-23-2013, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by STC View Post
You guys must be hitting the peace pipe hard to come away from these first 3 games thinking that Bickell has played well. He's friggen terrible and has easily been the worst player on the ice for the Hawks in all 3 games. Turns it over in the neutral zone consistently, can't get the puck deep, doesn't hit anyone, is a total black hole and shoots it every time he touches it for the most part. Heck, when he was behind the net with the puck it looked like he was trying to figure out a way to shoot before reluctantly attempting a pass in front instead.

He is NOT an NHL hockey player.

He needs to be benched, move Frolik up to line 3 and dress Mayers for line 4.
I am not jumping up and down with the way Bickell has played, but I wouldnt call his play terrible by any means. We lack size, simple as that. He fits the role that we need him to play. This team shouldnt count on Bickell being a playmaker or goal scorer period. He needs to do the little things infront of the goalie and outwork his opponents along the boards. I think he has been just fine this year as I agree his weak wrister from 60 feet out isnt going to do much, but I at least like a guy who wants to shoot the damn puck and create something.

Bickell will find his way into double digit goals this year likely many of the ugly kind, but thats the type of player he is...and if you take his size and hits out of our forward group, we will get worked over even more so then we will in the playoffs (I wish Bickell would hit more consistently overall). As long as this team doesnt need to rely on Bickell to produce a lot offensively this year (mainly due to injuries or slumps), then we will be fine and this kind of nitpicking will look idiotic as we win the division.

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