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I play in Superleagues Alberta as well. Started 5 years ago. I've played in div 1 provies a couple of times. This is an interesting subject and I'll chat about it..

A long time ago, a lot of players were playing in indoor soccer shoes. Intuitively, the low centre of gravity and comfort / grip feels good. However, they eventually ruin your knees playing on solid surface.

I then switched to running shoes. Asics to be exact. Great feel, cushioning is perfect, however i almost rolled my ankle a few times so i had to think about the lateral movement a bit at those fast griddy situations. Once running shoes are broken in, they feel much better but they are not meant for side to side support like court shoes or cross trainers are.

For whatever reason, i switched to tennis shoes due to the good lateral support, and with any new shoe you get some great cushioning at the beginning.. First pair was great but when the cushioning went flat i bought a second pair. My second pair was not the greatest choice (Babolat tennis shoe). I rolled my ankle so bad in the summer that i had a grapefruit on the side of my foot. Another player bought same ones and i heard a month later he rolled his ankle too. - - - Once you roll your ankle bad, you then take this topic into great consideration especially with an injury like this. It's easier to roll an ankle again once you rolled it bad - this is true.

I began playing with ankle brace support (ASO, best in the market) which i don't mind.

After seeing a few top players in the league last year, I now realize the new approach is examining basketball shoes. They have a low centre of gravity and high top style ankle support which can help me play without the brace (to ensure i don't roll ankle again). You can always add a good cushioning sole inside, and still feel like you're not too high and supported all around (knees etc). Although basketball shoes are known for the gripping to not be as good for ball hockey, i researched out and recommend this product that I just bought at footlocker ->

I bought Nike Max Finisher and i'm very happy with them so far (5 games in), I highly recommend them. I also would try the Nike Air Max 2 Strong. That would be my next shoe for sure.

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