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Originally Posted by ReggieMoto View Post
I never said he's hurting the team. I'm saying he won't stick. There's hurting the team and there's helping the team. Not hurting the team is not the same thing as helping the team. He's being given his shot and no, he hasn't hurt the team I guess. But is he helping it? That's the important question, not is he hurting the team.

And regarding the question from BNHL regarding whether he was put in a position to succeed: who knows. Can't say either way. Maybe he was; maybe he wasn't. Seems a little odd that having passed through that many organizations that a couple of them wouldn't have allowed him a shot. Doesn't always work that way but usually it does.

Look, it's been 8 seasons and 5 organizations, and he's never stuck. Hope for the best...just don't bank on it.
Are you counting his time in the KHL/Swiss League as part of "organizations he couldn't stick with" in your 5? I'm counting 3: Capitals, Pens, and Bruins. I could be wrong, but here's how I read his travels:
  • Drafted by Washington
  • Plays for the farm team
  • Eventually called up to the bigs, does nothing in 4 games
  • Goes back to farm and produces at ppg
  • Gets another call to the bigs, does nothing in 8 games
  • Placed on waivers, picked up by the Pens
  • Plays 20 games, does nothing and gets put back on waivers
  • Picked back up by the Capitals
  • Gets 1 game, does nothing
  • Goes to KHL for 8 games, then to the Swiss League
  • Comes back to AHL
  • Gets traded to the Bruins (when it sounds like he's made it perfectly clear to the Capitals that he's not going to sign with them when he finally gets UFA status)
  • Plays 2 games with the Bruins, "does nothing"

Now, he could very well end up a AAAA player, and nothing else, but you really make it sound like this is a guy that's been bouncing from team to team, when he's basically spent his entire career with one organization, save for 20 games with Pitt and a season abroad (likely "protesting" not getting his shot).

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