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01-23-2013, 01:49 PM
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Originally Posted by hockieguy View Post
If that was the case here then I would agree. But, the losing has been going on for three seasons. Yes, there are some good young players, but, under this staff, they don't get ice time unless your last name is Seatter. Kville has wasted half the season playing two lines, instead of developing every player for the next season. If you pick a player, play him, dont sit them on the bench. The really sad thing is that Malloy is still shortening his bench and putting on the same PP and PK lines that have failed all year. When you aren't gonna make the playoffs and the 2 points don't matter, at least have the smarts to start working with the lines you gave limited ice time to thus far. When a non- playoff coach is still worrying about wins, then that is a guy trying to make his record look better than it is, and save his job. Kville won't improve under this staff. That is my opinion.
I have watched 3 Kemptville games in the last few weeks and I certainly did not see the bench being shortenend to 2 lines, from what I could see the lines were more or less rolled with the exception of PP and PK, even then I seen what most people would define as the 4th liners occasionally out in a special teams situation. In fact if anything I would have played some of the better players more. You say he has been playing the same PP & PK all season, that is highly unlikely considering that Byron, Lussier, House & Gonu are gone who were all fixtures on those units, if anything I thought they were spreading special teams amoungst more players. To me the PK looked quite good in the recent games I watched, in fact only allowed 1 goal in 10 chances Sunday against CP, but the PP still struggles IMO.

I agree it has been frustrating watching the franchise flounder, since coming to the league, but I like most of the young players they have brought in and they seem to have more depth of Junior A calibre talent than before, who should only get better over the next couple of seasons. Adding guys like Blais, Seatter, Allard, Crampton and possibly Galasso seems like a positive step.

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