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01-23-2013, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Phatic View Post
ok, so leafs put connolly on re-entry waivers and rangers dont claim so they can trade a roster player for him? regardless, connolly clears waivers: how about franson and connolly for hagelin and bourque
There are no re-entry waivers anymore, but teams are allowed to retain up to 50% of the salary and cap space in a trade.

No team is going to take Connolly at his cap hit, the Rangers could not even fit it. So if they want to move him they are going to have to retain some of that, probably the max 50%

I'm not sure what the Leafs plans are, maybe they want to keep Connolly for insurance as depth, but if they want to move him and get something back for him, they are probably going to either have to retain some salary or wait until the trade deadline when his cap hit is prorated.

Since the Rangers are shallow at center, they may take a chance on someone like Connolly although I doubt his game fits in with Tortorella's coaching style but they might all the same out of need.

With that being said, and maybe I should have phrased it as a question, if the Leafs were willing to move Connolly and keep half his cap hit and salary,what would they want in return in order to do so?

From my guess the Rangers, I could see them moving picks or maybe some smaller but skilled prospects (B Level) wings, but I have no idea if the Leafs would be interested.

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