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01-23-2013, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Moose Coleman View Post
  • Large covered multi-use space that spans 104th Avenue.
  • Ensures safe traffic flows for pedestrians, bikes and vehicles.
  • Serves as the primary entrance into the arena complex.
  • Provides a climate controlled event venue that the public can use.
  • Provides for a safe pedestrian connection to the Plaza, the arena, the LRT, and the businesses and communities to the north.
  • The area below the Winter Garden span is an active, walkable area with views into the arena’s functional areas – including a television production studio.

And what part of that list makes it so much more than a pedway?
Good to see you can read the overview...did you even look at the rest of the page to see how they plan on using it? Did you not notice the concert plan? The boxing ring plan, or volleyball court plan? Did you not notice that the actual pedway aspect is a very footprint of the winter garden? Did you even look at the cross section? If you can't even see the possibilities here, than i can't help you.

Going by your post i guess not, but i shouldn't be suprised at this point.

You sound like someone who got a leatherman and only used the pliers while complaining at how expense the "pliers" were.

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