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01-23-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
Let's start with the fact more than a few people wanted Fowler despite what some of the draft rags had to say. Sure more than a few teams chose over him, in particular the Rags screwed the pooch pretty bad, but right now with Nino pulling this stunt no one in their right mind can come out and say Nino was the right choice over Fowler, and I will tell you why.
1 - Right off the top, the Ducks, despite all of their good players, sucked rocks the past couple of years. While Cam led the way in minus, he had more than a little company in double digits minus.
2 - They made the exact same mistake with Cam that the Isles did with Nino - they plugged him in before he was ready. But look again at the stats. Nino has 1 whole point. Cam may have a big minus in the +/- dept, but at least he hit the ground running offensively.
3 - Watching both their first year, you could see game in Cam. I saw a lost puppy in Nino.
4 - Nino rose to the top 5 on the back of a standout performance in world juniors in part because his team had almost no offense and Conz stood on his head. It got him into our first round pick dept the same way DP's only claim to fame got him into Milbury's.
5 - And this is the big one, despite being tossed to the wolves, Cam is sticking in there and holding his tongue despite relegation to lower end minutes while trying to grow into the adult defensive game. I would be shocked if he said boo if he was stuck in the AHL, like he should have been. What's Nino do? Throw a nuclear bomb into the Isle's plans for him by acting like an entitled pouty pussbag. Has anyone ever heard Cam or his agent complain?

So go ahead and try to brow beat fans of a prospect who lead his team to a gold while another prospect stood out like a sore thumb on an almost completely offenseless team at the world juniors. Any number of people here wanted Cam over Nino, so please stop with the hindsight lie. That he pulls this garbage now just adds a pile of weight behind our angst, and rightfully so.

But don't blame us, blame Nino & his agent.

And really, quoting a blog and Corsi? Trust your eyes. Sometimes Corsi lines up with the truth, and sometimes it doesn't. +/- is even more of a lie. I've seen Cam play on good and bad days. He was rushed, but the skills are definitely there. Nino showed all but nothing during his time up.

BTW - Drew Doughty his first year with the Kings was a -18. Care to explain how he sucks? KNow what I get from that? Don't rush your top prospects, but what do I know.
Doughty was rushed? When is a prospect ready to some of you people, 35?

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