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01-23-2013, 02:32 PM
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New complaint with 13/fix for 14:

restore the ability to edit certain things about existing players. Contract data is locked in the edit player screen. So if I move Scott Gomez to the Sharks, he's still stuck with the $7 million cap hit. Which means if I were to start a GM mode with the Sharks now, the roster would require significant overhaul to be cap compliant. Or if I left Gomez on teh FA list and tried to sign him in GM mode, he wouldn't take the 700k deal that he apparently is going to sign.

EA's salary numbers aren't always accurate anyway. Teams that should be cap compliant heading into a GM mode aren't. And that means that good players get released to FA because rather than work out demotion/promotions that get back the few hundred grand that the cap is exceeded by, the game just cuts players based on...some criteria.

C'mon EA. Give us back the ability to edit player heights, weights, contracts, fight frequency, etc. It's like the only reason they did this is because massive roster correction projects are a huge deal in other sports games, and this way it basically forces people to rely on EA-sanctioned updates to fix roster issues that crop up.

I don't see what the issue is with


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