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01-23-2013, 02:33 PM
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Interviewing well is not *all* that a captain is about, but it is part of what being a captain is about, and denying it isn't very useful either.

I respect the passion and hating losing, but being defensive or in denial to the press when it happens, simply isn't helpful.

Part of what being a captain is about is taking that on yourself to deal with the press effectively so that other members of the team don't have to --when things are going badly, you're taking the bullet for the team there. If you can't do it effectively, then the press is going to go elsewhere on the team to try to get some quotes they can use. So if you as captain can't fulfill that role effectively, it will impact other team members.

I'm not saying it is a fatal flaw that makes Mikko unsuitable as captain, but it is a flaw nonetheless. Heater is a good interview in that regard, and is very used to being the center of press attention in his career, so that helps in this particular situation --he's used to it and doesn't seem to mind doing it. Zach, who is an official "A" can do it too. Suter, the other "A", is not quite as well spoken, but does generally give an impression of being laid back. . . we'll see in this particular regard as time goes by.

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