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01-23-2013, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Halpysback View Post
He'd be not much better than Poti or Hamrlik. There's a reason he's on the outs in Buffalo and 3 million contract is an overpayment for him. He's very spotty defensively and not physical. Whatever slight upgrade he is is not worth it. I have no idea why you're obsessed with him but you're wrong. I'd be willing to take a flyer on him if he costs nothing but he's nothing more than another stopgap for Green's partner hole.

I'm not sure how you randomly decided that Chimera and Ward do nothing. Ward is the only one who has done anything this season, he's adequate on the 3rd/4th line and he's a machine in the playoffs. Chimera is our fastest player who consistently pressures the opposing team with his speed, and makes peanuts. He's a perfect third liner.

Schultz needs to go, that much is obvious.

Erskine is a capable bottom pairing defenseman who has more balls than the rest of the defense combined. Only reason to move him is if the cap hit gets in the way.

Look at the lineup you posted again. What have you done exactly other than shuffle the deck chairs on the titanic? Wolski is still on the top line. Ribeiro is still surrounded by plugs who can't finish. What the **** is that third line even supposed to do? That team might be worse because the third line looks like it will have the worst chemistry in the history of hockey. It certainly doesn't get us another playoff round.

Kundratek hasn't shown anything other than the fact that he can sorta play in the NHL at a bottom pairing level.

Did you just start following hockey or something? Your opinions are pretty reactionary.
Lol, okay let me just take my time to completely discredit almost everything you said here:

1. Kundratek is one of the better players in the AHL and has upside

2. Not much better than Poti or Hamrlik? Have you seen them lately?

3. I've been watching hockey my whole life

4. Joel Ward scores one big goal and he's a playoff "clutch"? We're not keeping a player who every time he scores is a major fluke. Most people here agree Joel Ward needs to go

5. John Erskine is a top pairing defenseman? What?!

Originally Posted by BrooklynCapsFan View Post
We need a top pairing dman to play with Green. Not ****ing Colaiacovo.
No duh sherlock. I'm saying FOR THE SHORT TERM. We could give up players that are already headed out the door.

You don't wave your dick around and pick up PK Subban to put on the line with Mike Green. That's just not happening.

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