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01-23-2013, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by TheNeutrality View Post
I tried to translate it for you guys. Hope it helps you in any way, since I guess it's pretty terrible
Thanks for this. Some thoughts on some of what you translated.
Was it your idea to ask for a trade or Ninoís?
It was solely my idea and I have told Nino how I will proceed and that I will take over all responsibility for this. Itís not rushed at all. I thought about this for a long time and and gathered different opinions towards this topic.
That is pure fantasy. He is trying to take all the negative heat for this while putting Nino on the "not responsible" shelf. Only a 5 year old would agree with him. Nino gave him the green light, so this is Nino's responsibility. It is repugnant to suggest otherwise.
So you canít see any chances for Nino Niederreiter with the Islanders?
To be honest: Not with this GM and not with this headcoach.
Ok, this one is a stick of dynamite. Wang has Snow sewn to his coat tails. The agent is basically telling the owner to fire Garth or lose Nino. Really, does he have any idea who Chuck "I don't negotiate, stay at the beach the rest of this season for all I care" Wang is? How about a GM that acted like Chris Botta had Ebola Ziare?
So one can understand this as a cry for help?
Yes, if you want to call it that way. Now every NHL franchise knows that there is a chanceless 1st round draft pick that wants to leave.

Are there any reactions?
Yes. And many agree with me.
Wow. That's another bomb. So the agent has effectively solicited input from other clubs or am I reading this wrong? If it is, then that's tampering.
You had a comparable, but not as dramatic situation with Luca Sbisa. Sbisa too got relegated to the farm team, even though he was way too good for that. But you didnít do anything back then.
This situation was different: I knew that the problem was Randy Carlyle, whose time was basically up with Anaheim. Luca Sbisa was highly regarded by the GM and we simply had to wait, until Carlyle was fired.
Wow again, going to the well of telling the owner to fire the GM, but without saying it.
What are you going to do now?
Weíll see. Iíll have some tough negotiations with GM Garth Snow when Ninoís contract is over in two years, anyway. I want Nino Niederreiter on a team, that believes in him and that gives him a chance. It doesnít matter if this team is the New York Islanders or a different team.

Be honest: You hope that you will have to negotiate with the successor of Garth Snow.
It was you who said that, not me.
Ah, whatever. You can't act like it will be business as usual after the statements you just made.

I am surprised after reading this so many of you act like everything will go back to normal in a short while. Nino & his agent just demanded Garth get fired, opened the door to tampering, compared the GM to one that got canned, said nothing good will come of staying here... and you are convinced this will still end well?

IMO, this ends one of two ways - Garth gets fired (not happening unless Wang considers Nino the Alpine DP), or Nino gets traded. I'm thinking #2.

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