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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
The Pedro reference holds absolutely no water at all here is why:

Pedro was signed by the Mets in December of 2004 and was on the team through the 2008 season so he played 4 years for them. In those 4 years the biggest names the Mets signed were:

Carlos Beltran - Only singed with the Mets because they offered the most money and he made it publically known he wanted to play for the Yankees
Billy Wagner
Julio Franco - Past his prime
Paul DeLuca - Average catcher at best
Moises Alou - See Julio Franco

Now they had other signings during Pedro’s Met lifetime but names hardly recognizable. So the Pedro theory is wrong.

There is no reason to believe Wang will ever throw money at this team again. Many here think that just because of the move he will suddenly have this cash infusion and decides to pour it back into the team. That too is false. For the revenue streams to be available for the Isles when they move, Wang would have to start building a winner now so they can sell tickets to the new place. This way when they do move they are a playoff caliber team and people will want to come see them. The reality is Wang has made it clear he will continue to spend to the cap floor and when they move they will still be a crappy team playing in a new building. FA's go where there is a chance to win, they don't go because of a building despite what NYI ownership wants you to believe. There are going to be a lot of empty seats in that shiny new building.
Actually, Wang expressed the exact opposite when I listened to him on WFAN a few months ago when the deal was announced. He himself stated that he believes they will now be a bigger player in the UFA market. While he didn't necessarily say they will increase spending(can't quite remember if he did), you would have to assume that is what he means by being a bigger player.

As far as the Mets comparison goes, it actually does make sense. Sign one guy(Pedro) to lead the youth(Wright/Reyes) and make the team relevant again; see the team inch closer to competitiveness and make a big signing(Beltran) and a big trade(Delgado) to put the icing on the cake.

I could honestly see something similar happening with this Islander team. Hopefully they choose the right veteran(again, Iginla seems like a solid comparable. An all-time great who is nearing the end of his career but still has some gas left in the tank... whether he would actually sign here is a different story).

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