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01-23-2013, 03:18 PM
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Neither, I am a not a parent, and I don't hang out with these players. We happen to go to the same Tim Hortins for a coffee. There is nothing creepy about it at all. Several of the players see me at practices and games. I am a season ticket holder and have talked to them about their seasons. No different that what you guys are doing here. I am a paying fan and I have asked several players what their opinion of certain things and certain players. These guys play on the team, and they have opinions that matter. It may be a good idea for coaching and management to ask some of these guys what they think.

As far a trashing Seatter. I have not trashed Seatter at all. I have very simply stated that his "visible" attitude while on the ice, in front of everyone watching at the game needs to be fixed. Thats all. I then stated that I am tired of seeing it, and several of the players I see at Tim Hortins have said the same thing.

Now, how did this turn into trashing a kid and hanging around players? I will ask you, what gutter is your mind in?

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