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Originally Posted by A Pointed Stick View Post
But his words are meaningless. He said all sorts of BS the past three years about Garth having the green light to spend, then in just one interview lightly below the radar he revealed his lies by stating that "economic realities" dictated the team's roster.

Really Blinkman, do you honestly believe Wang's words? IMO, the posters who previously said that the team will try to cherry pick a cast off/salary dump this summer for some talent are right, and the ones who said Wang won't invest much more until the team outperforms itself and they are in Brooklyn and have to show results to get sponsors going and suites sold are 100% on the money. It would also not surprise me if he sells sometime in the next two years to make it someone else's problem all together.

I am using August 30th as the put up or shut up date this summer to call Wang out if we don't make (at least) two significant upgrades, and one had better be for a better defenseman than Streit.
Honestly, no. I just thought you were referring to something he actually said when you said "Wang's made it clear that he will continue to spend to the cap floor". I know Wang has said he thinks this team as constructed can compete, which I think is all PC. Anyone buying into that is definitely an optimistic person.

That said, I have a hard time saying the Isles will or won't increase spending next offseason. They have yet to be in a position like this where they have certainty surrounding their future home. Even if Wang's intention is to sell the team, I could still see him making a couple of splashes in the offseason. I'm sure he knows that a playoff caliber team going into a new arena in Brooklyn will hold more value than a bottom-5 team going into a new building in Brooklyn.

I'm optimistic that the payroll will increase, although won't be surprised if it doesn't(yet).

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