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01-23-2013, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingpin794 View Post
So you're just going to ignore the fact they cheated or try to rationalize to yourself that everyone does it, so it's OK. Great.

Again, I never stated that Windsor was the only team that may be guilty of cheating. I don't imply anything. I simply stated the fact that Windsor got caught. You added whatever hidden meaning you wanted. If I wanted to imply that no one else cheats I would have said it. But I think the opposite is true.

(There you go)

But they got caught which means there was proof. Something that other teams don't have against them. Which means that handing other teams the bid would not carry the same negative attention that giving Windsor the bid would. I can't sit here and try to guess specifically who else has cheated because I have no proof and neither do you (probably not). Until that proof comes in, other teams have to be better options than Windsor.
Where did I ignore the fact they did wrong? It's cut and dry. We don't know for certain what they did, but something happened. I'm not rationalizing anything, either. I'm simply stating that Windsor has faced the music, got their punishment, and now they should have every right to bid on the Cup just like others. If the media decides to spin it negatively, that's their decision. There are plenty of other ways to spin it, too.

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