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06-25-2006, 07:57 AM
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Fischer did seem to give off a bit of a cocky attitude in his interviews, I thought (while still of course saying pretty much all the right things). It looks like he'll be poised to butt heads with the coaching staff in Minnesota per turnbuckle's report, because they are going to have one loaded defense there, especially if Erik Johnson shows up. They've broken RJ Anderson in very very slowly so far and he is due to step up his role, and guys like Hagemo, Goligoski, and Vanelli are still going to be around for top-4 minutes as well. The question about whether Fischer could accept being a #6 or 7 guy was a very good one. Hopefully it'll be an opportunity for some needed cranial deflation... and hopefully he'll ultimately become a better player for it down the road.

Maxwell is a worthy pick where he was taken, but clearly with some risk attached. I keep thinking "Duncan Milroy" in connection with the pick. Is that bad or good?

I don't have a strong strong opinion on Carle either way... getting a defenseman who is relatively highly rated is a Good Thing(tm), however, I personally had a few guys I liked better at that spot in the draft. Interesting that guys we talked about, Gryba, Danis-Pepin, McBain, Strait, DeGray went after him.

White seems like a good pick too, where he was taken. Could he be a future Keane-like roleplayer one day? I don't know if we really needed to spend another pick just to nab him, as there were still plenty of intriguing players going throughout the 3rd and 4th rounds, but it does serve as another indication, a la Latendresse, that the Habs were rather surprised to see him available and were keen to act on it.

Valentenko and Cepek seem like solid flyers to round it out, and they are certainly at the right positions. 4 defensemen is really the key for me, and I'm glad we pulled off the trade-down scenario. It is definitely going to be a draft that is going to get a lot of scrutiny in hindsight, I'm sure, since there was so little consensus from #20-#100, and so many interesting players fell behind our picks. But I'm sure almost every team is going to be in the same boat on that score for this draft.

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