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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
How do you reconcile the disparate amount of success between Thomas/Giguere and Price/Fleury? It's as though you're more concerned with style than execution in your evaluation of goaltenders.

If Price and Fleury have a talent level that is a "cut above" that of Thomas and Giguere, then they certainly haven't used it well enough to offset the amount of hopes and prayers upon which Giguere bases his style. And the only situation that caused Giguere to "flame out" was the death of his father. As for Thomas doing it wrong - why has he not been figured out? Why didn't someone expose him a la Jim Carey? Why weren't there more "crucial goals" besides the Lapierre goal in Game 5 of the Finals (because really, that comment is bordering on Luongo's post-game gaffe)?

These are two NHL players with Conn Smythes and Stanley Cups; they're not blind squirrels who happened to find some nuts. You don't win those trophies by being "too inconsistent to be proper" or dropping and hoping. This is akin to taking shots at players for scoring garbage goals instead of pretty dekes on breakaways. To paraphrase The Lonely Island: Doesn't matter; had save.

If Carey Price and Marc-Andre Fleury can use a style that requires less talent yet allows them to carry a team to Game 7 of the Finals on less than two GPG, then why don't they? Why don't they have a signature series? Heck, why doesn't any butterfly goaltender have a series like Giguere against Detroit or Minnesota? Price and Fleury are pretty consistently worse in the playoffs. "Butterfly plus," but they lack the poise under pressure of a Thomas and a Giguere - and that's not exactly the highest of standards either.

It's not enough to be able to do something better; they actually have to do it better than the cookie cutter goaltenders for us to count it as a "plus."
You are seriously under-estimating the time element. Fleury / Price were NHL starters soon after junior. Thomas / Giguere drifted thru various organizations - all over the hockey world in the case of Thomas before having some success.

Thomas or Giguere having greater poise than Fleury and Price in the playoffs. Well at comparable ages Thomas was NOT in the NHL - lacked talent and poise.

At age 25:

Tim Thomas - 0 NHL games so he was not exactly doing it.
J. S. Giguere - 182 NHL games plus his 1 CS playoff/ 21 games.Only led his team to the playoffs five times in 15 seasons

Carey Price - 273 + 26 layoff games, 4 playoffs
M.A Fleury - 302 games, 4 playoffs - 56 games, 1 SC.

Effectively Thonas and Giguere have no future upside yet the success level is already the same with Fleury and Price having the potential for app 25 - 30 more seasons.

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