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Originally Posted by SiCKNESS View Post
we may have to deal Burrows or Edler if the Sedins ask for raises after their contracts expire, they're the only two high paid players without NMC and/or NTCs.
Hey, anything's possible. The Sedins will be, what, 34, 35 at that time though? It'd be hard to imagine a huge raise at that time. A raise, certainly, but, say, upwards of 7.5-8? I don't know about that. Besides, the cap should be coming close to the current ceiling, in 2 years time mind you, by my (admittedly amature) calculations any way.

Originally Posted by SiCKNESS View Post
not remotley correct. First 2.5+1.5 for Higgs and Lappy = the 2M for the 3rd liners I was talking about anyways. For the 6th and 7th Defender theres no doubt Gillis will pay 1-1.5M for them, they'll be the Andrew Alberts of that year
Bolded: Yes, sorry, that is exactly what I meant. I didn't mean we'd save money, rather that for two third liners, why not the monsters we know?

Underlined: Totally possible, but for sentimental/locker room reasons, I'd rather spend that money on Malhotra. Guys appairently a huge leader in the room. Alberts and his 1.225 haven't performed as well as we'd all hoped after the signing was announced, but I don't think we'd do much better in the free agency pool, and I'd hope we go cheaper (Corrado, for example, on our bottom pairing, or K-Conn, or even Sauve).

Originally Posted by SiCKNESS View Post
Corrardo makin the team would help as his cap hit is about 600k, especially if he was our 6th Defenseman, that would save 1-1.5 for those two years, where we could THEN keep Booth until his contract expires. But the lack of Guys on ELCs making our team really hurts. Well only have 1 most likely(Kassian). Theyll prob get Jensen to spend a year in the AHL.
Corrado, Jensen, Schreoder, even Gaunce or this year's presumed pick. ELCs are key, Kassian is a boon too. Rodin, Connauton and Sauve I don't want to completely rule out either. I thought Jensen looked ready last year, but that was preseason after all.

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