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01-23-2013, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
Tad younger is doubtful. Young academy kids get those jobs, and I don't need to make Hazard look worse, he already looks like a pretty terrible individual in my eyes.

Kid was probably pissing himself because his club was about to go Wembley. Got excited. That's what kids do.
Terrible individual when he got caught in the heat of the moment, in an elimination match. You're giving the ball boy excuses for time-wasting but you wouldn't give Hazard the benefit of the doubt. His team was on the brink of elimination and he was obviously in a desperate situation. Guess what, while Hazard is not a "Child", he's also a young player so he still has a lot to learn as a professional player. He got impatient with a ballboy doing timewasting. He got punished for it.

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