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Originally Posted by Slowbro View Post
yeah but you were comparing ibanez and those two...
I wasn't responding to your comment, but since you thought I did I'll respond now.

In 2011 (the year the Phillies acquired Pence), Ibanez finished with a .707 OPS (575 ABs) while Mayberry finished with a .854 OPS (267 ABs). Chollie went to the media, prior to the trade deadline, to whine and moan about needing a RH'd power bat in the OF despite having one on a 30/100 pace with a .500+ SLG (with pretty damn good corner OF defense, too), while he blindly kept pushing Ibanez's square peg through the lineups round hole while he was playing below replacement level on BOTH sides of the ball.

This whining then forced Amaro to make one of the worst trades of his tenure to acquire an overhyped career .800 OPS corner outfileder by the name of Hunter Pence (you may remember him... he was the one who sucked last year). Meanwhile, one of the top prospects in the league (just a few short years ago) has only been allowed 433 ABs in THREE YEARS while being tossed around like a college coed between AAA, the DL and the majors. And now that he may finally be healed from his Hamate bone break (takes about 2 years to regain full strength) we got out and get a career .317 career OBP Hitler Youth who can't run around the OF (only 2 out of 6 career seasons with a positive WAR... bravo Mr. Young) to steal even more ABs from him.

So, yeah... what were you trying to say again?

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