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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Let's try to really look at PK, and let's go as far back as his junior years.
So, here's a kid drafted #43 overall, and right from the draf...

I could live with a bridge contract, perhaps give a 3rd year, but Bergevin absolutely has to almost double the money. It makes no sense at all to give so little and yet ask so much of a player.
Very good summary, and I can't find fault with any of your conclusions. I don't think that Bergevin is making a good case for his ability as a critical thinker. He seems to have an approach to negotiating that is ideological rather than practical, and I believe that PK's contribution to the team is undervalued.

Moreover, PK's personality, which is influenced by African-American (ok, African-Canadian) culture, was always bound to differ from traditional WASP and Franco-Canadian culture, from which hockey-related cultural norms arose. For a basketball-related parallel, look at how the modern NBA game is played, and compare it to an era when black players were prevented from playing, let's say, the 50's (e.g. Bob Cousy era): not only are the strategies different, but how players relate to each other is also starkly different. Thus, penalizing PK for reflecting a cultural bias that is different from the usual is like trying to view the modern NBA through the prism of a 50's era basketball fan.

As a result, we need to stick to evaluation criteria that matter in terms of the final result, and possibly re-educating both him and some of his teammates, if the need arises, to at least recognize the impact of these differences on team dynamics.

Sorry if this post reads like psycho-babble.

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