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01-23-2013, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
Hartnell is being severely underrated here, Flyers say no to OPs deal fairly easily. Most I would give for an unsigned Perry is Read and a 1st.

And this?!

Is the most homerish post I've seen on these boards in such a long time. Perry is a 40-50 goal scorer but Hartnell is a good player but someone you don't build around. We do build around Hartnell and he has been part of the best line for the Flyers since 2010 when Leino-Briere-Hartnell was tearing it up in the Stanley Cup Finals. How it makes your team better? How about you get a less expensive slightly less skilled, Perry replacement for the next 6 years vs 6 weeks of Perry and he walks. That sounds like it helps you out a lot more then it helps us.

I need to expand on this more. You said hes a 40-50 goalscorer hes scored 50 once. Hes never scored in the 40-50 range ever, besides his 50 goal season. Without going to please do tell me which one is which;

82 GP 37 Goals 30 Assists 67 Points +19 136 PIMS 16 PPG 232 Shots
80 GP 37 Goals 23 Assists 60 Points -7 127 PIMS 14 PPG 277 Shots
Your comparing Perrys worst year to hartnells best year? Go back 3-4 years and average the stats to get a better idea of the kind of players they are.

38 27 65 -8 303 shots 13 ppg? OMG hartnell stats are better then his too...

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