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Originally Posted by Arthur Broussard View Post
Wow! People get defensive quick. Was just asking questions and stating what was heard at the CESR on Sunday.
Sure fans can "be sour". I guess it is buyer beware for sure.
I would not say he played great since arriving. Average at best. He look slow at times and not involved physically, as he was proclaimed to be a power/physical forward.
Some say he did have surgery last summer? If so maybe it did not solve the issue? So that is not an issue of STJ if is is the case.
Don't think I should "be ashamed" for bringing a discussion point or asking questions. It is a discussion board, correct?
As per the organization of the Sea Dogs, I believe they are known to be accused of "shady deals" by the teams and fans of the league.
Okay - Ryan Tesink did not have any injury before being traded to BLB and he played fine in his first couple games - I have watched BLB games since he was traded there because I continued to follow our players after they were traded.

I don't think anybody proclaimed the 166lb Tesink to be a "Power Forward" ... When he was here he was a gritty forward that provided some offense ... Pesky and was good at drawing penalties ..

To the comment about Saint John being known around the league by teams and fans for making shady deals ... Please name 1 "Shady" trade Saint John made?

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