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01-23-2013, 04:47 PM
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My team left there about 6 years ago. It was a total gongshow and a league filled with heroes. When we played B it wasn't as bad as C was which was a joke. Refs had no control and it seemed like some of them enjoyed the chaos. I like tough hockey but at the same time I don't like going into work the next day with a swollen lip because some monkey can't keep his hands down.

Being up at the bar after we saw a few fights including one which finished with a guy getting dummied and the other plug doing the championship belt celly after, come on man.

One of our guys was pretty much given no choice but to fight. A guy came after him and the refs made no effort to break it up or stop it in addition to not kicking out this tard beforehand. Our guy is a good player who was drafted by the Knights whose career ended after serious knee and shoulder injuries. The other guy started throwing and my teammate threw out his shoulder, and for what?? We were furious after that and didn't come back.

That's thousands of dollars they've missed from us between summer and winter as well as bar tabs. So eff them. Mickey mouse for the biggest league in Canada. Find a smaller rink which doesn't have dozens of teams on a night with a convener who is accountable and wants your money

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