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Originally Posted by CrazyCanucks View Post
But my point was Lu has the hammer in deciding where to go. If Gilles and Howson make a deal, its not done without Lu's approval anyways.
Never in question.

By going to Toronto I was say the pressure might actually be less than here in Vancouver for Lu to win a cup, so he might actually fare better, even though he would be in teh eye of the storm in Toronto. He has already played in a canadian city, so he would be used to teh attention if he were to go to TO. He is a goalie, and goalies and Vancouver have had a rough ride the last couple of decades. You though Philly was bad on thier goalies? Even Burke said it was a goalie graveyard and that was when he was still the Nucks GM.
All I see is speculation. Not saying you are wrong but you can't form a conclusion with that level of speculation. While a discussion point, I would say that nothing remotely definitive can come from it.

The owners could actually bury Lu and his contract in the minors if they choose to do so.
Not really. They can't do that to hide cap space moving forward. I don't think they will buy him out, but you guys aren't in great shape, cap wise, next year.

Forget about what is happeneing with all the specualtion, what would be a fair trade between the 2 teams in your opinion if they were to make a deal?
I didn't think Brass/Mason was a bad start. We'll have to shed a contract. Then again Gilles indicated he was waiting for the other team to move a player. So, honestly, I have no idea what the deal would look like. This isn't the Nash contract, this contract from Luongo has some risk. I wouldn't give you much in the way of assets. The only reason I agreed to Brass is I'm not sold that he is part of the future of this team.

Personally, as I said in the Bob thread, this really doesn't pass the smell test to me.

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