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Originally Posted by Arthur Broussard View Post
Wow! People get defensive quick. Was just asking questions and stating what was heard at the CESR on Sunday.
Sure fans can "be sour". I guess it is buyer beware for sure.
I would not say he played great since arriving. Average at best. He look slow at times and not involved physically, as he was proclaimed to be a power/physical forward.
Some say he did have surgery last summer? If so maybe it did not solve the issue? So that is not an issue of STJ if is is the case.
Don't think I should "be ashamed" for bringing a discussion point or asking questions. It is a discussion board, correct?
As per the organization of the Sea Dogs, I believe they are known to be accused of "shady deals" by the teams and fans of the league.
It's a very serious accusation you make. You should expect it to get a rise, as I'm sure you did. Your latest post seems to bring more to light that you simply don't like Tesink, and wish to take a couple of gratuitous shots at the Seadogs organization. As a fan of Ryan Tesink and the Seadogs, you could probably understand my reaction. And sure, when an organization has been as dominant as the Seadogs have the last three years, you'll find all sorts of haters who want to make excuses and minimize that success, you included.

This is a discussion board, yes. What kind of discussion do you think you will get when you make serious, groundless accusations about another QMJHL organization?? So yes, you should be ashamed for making such statements. And I don't see where you were asking questions - a lot if statements denigrating the Seadogs but only one question, that being could the league overturn the trade. The only way that could even be considered is if your damning accusations were true. Despite the fact that all indications are that your arguments are completely false.

While you may disagree, surely you can understand te reaction.

Personally, I hope Ryan comes back to help the Armada win a championship. Even if his contribution is, as you put it, 'average'.

Have a nice evening.

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