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01-23-2013, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Its still too early to say if the trend is going up or down, but its certainly not the start we were hoping for.
Whether Eller is benched because they want to trade or the coach just dislikes his "lazy" game and want to send him a message to work much harder or he is used as a scapegoat we will probably very soon find out.

At least Bødker, Larsen and Hansen was solid. So a little good news before we all reach collective depression
Also surprised to hear that Frans Nielsen should be rusty, but if his offence fails (he did only score 4 goals for Lukko) he is still really good as a defensive 3'rd liner.

Regin has been injured so long that Ottawa's probably dont really have him in their plans before he can show he can be healthy a whole season. But he can keep his chances for next year if he plays well on the 4'th line this season out. One more injury and he is probably history when his contract runs out next year. That he even got a contract for this year clearly shows they are still willing to see if he can turn it around.
In regards to Eller, I wrote this on the Habs forum.

Originally Posted by VikingNuck View Post
I like the Habs, but as a dane, I really hope Eller find's a new club...

I don't think he has proven himself yet, but I also don't think he has been given a proper chance yet...

Nor do I think he ever will...

I don't think there is room for him to develope properly on your team..

He clearly does not have the talent that Gally has, and wont be given the same room to improve...

I don't know if he is even suited for the NHL, id actually like to see him in the SEL or KHL, that is if im looking with my Danish National team glasses..

Im not bad mouthing your team or management, I just think Eller is in a bad spot, not his fault, not Montreal's, just bad luck..
I think this is true, and sadly I think that if Montreal does not trade Eller we will NEVER see his true potential

I think Montreal should do him right by trading him, this game they are playing now is not fair for anyone....

I think Larsen and Hansen were solid, Boedker still looks nervous on the NHL ice.. He looked so confident in the SM Liiga. He showed his true talent with his rush up the ice, but he didn't shoot enough and his linemates are too slow to get his plays..

Nielsen didn't play a bad game last time, he just had a couple good chances that he normally bags, not turn into anything.. He did drew a penalty on a breakaway although not a penalty shot.

I think Regin is done, he is to weak for the NHL we need him in Europe.. He is not suited for 4th line duties, so if they want him to show off on the 4th line, they'll be dissapointed.. Im not really that exited.. I know it's only a few games in, but still..

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