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01-23-2013, 05:21 PM
Ducks tank is on!
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Originally Posted by airforceones25 View Post
It makes perfect sense. His numbers were still down with Carlyle regardless.

The whole team in general numbers were down. His voice got old in the locker room.

.79pts per game pace. compared to .65pt per game pace with Bourdreau. It's not that big drastic of a fall off but still a decent amount. Take into consideration they were thrown into a new system on the fly. This can have some fault as to why his production slightly dipped.

Either way his numbers fell drastically to prior seasons which coincide with the Carlyle firing. All the players numbers plummeted because his voice became stale. They needed a change and Carlyle unfortunately was the man that got targeted. It doesn't mean he is a bad coach by any means as we saw his methods work but as the team slowly got worse his message became weakened. This happens in sports all the time.

I can't think of the person who said this but it went something along the lines that coaches should never be allowed to coach the same team for more than 5 years. Players become complacent (which is the likely scenario here) and their messages get old. Obviously there is exceptions to every thing but I feel like this explains the Ducks situation perfectly. The players simply became complacent with Carlyle.
I'm still not getting it. If Carlyle was a problem for Getzlaf, then how do you explain the fact that removing the problem worsened his production?

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