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Originally Posted by Illinihockey View Post
Is Randy Moss a deep threat? Moss averaged over 16 yards per catch 4 times in his career, Jerry Rice did it 5 times. Randy Moss' career high was 19 yards per game (rookie year), Jerry Rice's was 20.4 (1986).
Define deep threat?

Jerry Rice was money after the catch, he was never somebody who was a speed guy, as his 40 was timed at 4.6. Randy Moss was a deep threat on account of his speed and ability to catch the ball over his shoulder. Rice used his intelligence and ability to read defenses instead of pure speed. I didnt see Jerry Rice just blow away defensive backs with his average speed, but again, I actually seen Jerry Rice play.

I wont even mention how Yards per catch has no bearing on being a deep threat and is just a statsitic that has no way, shape or form a barometer on annointing somebody a "deep threat" when it is more alligned with yards after a catch, something Rice was possibly the best ever at attaining.YPC is an irrelevant stat.

So again, tell me how Jerry Rice was a deep threat when Rice himself stated he never considered himself a deep threat and didnt want to be pigeon holed such a claim and instead wanted to be known as the best all round wide out in the game.

I mean, if Jerry Rices says so......

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