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Originally Posted by Alklha View Post
About last season... Snow made it clear he would be in the NHL all year, the plan was to be on Tavares' wing. That went pear-shaped when he got injured, on his return to fitness he had to sit out for weeks before eventually being dumped on the 4th line. That is not being "given a chance", that is being set up to fail. In the right situation I don't think there would have been an issue with him being in the NHL last season.

I totally agree with your general opinion players on ELC's demanding trades, but there are exceptions to these things. I don't know how realistic it would be for them to consider dealing him within the Division, but he seems like the perfect fit for your team (big, physical, shoot-first winger).
This is my read on it as well. I'm a big Nino fan. If Maatta and pick gets it done I make that trade yesterday.

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