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01-23-2013, 05:29 PM
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Beer League Strategy Thread

I figured there could be a thread to talk shop about strategy for beer league teams. This can be a place to bounce ideas off one another and get different perspectives.

The current issues facing my team is a lack of scoring and the revolving door that is our defense. We have had the same 3 guys for the most part, but each season something happens to that 4th defenseman. The last couple of seasons, I have moved back to help wit the issue, but attendance problems have led to needing to pull back another forward here and there to play defense and just deal with it. This usually ends up being one of our better players and our offense takes a hit. This season, we decided to switch myself with another forward that consistently shows up in an effort to kick start the offense. We had the fewest GA the last couple of seasons, so we figured goals against is not an issue. Our goalie also happens to be one of our better players. So far through one game, it seemed to have worked as we were a much different looking team and beat a rival we haven't beat in some time. We are losing a defenseman to deployment, but get back another we lost this past season. We also are actively looking for new talent that can play D, but is easier said than done.

In order to help the offense, we stopped trying to disperse talent throughout all the lines and attempted to just put the skilled guys with the most chemistry from pickups together. That line ended up having half of our goals this last game. We will probably look to do this again and then stack talent as much as possible. Expect the better lines to score goals and hope for the best with the other line.

How do you guys handle positional needs and lines and what not?

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