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Originally Posted by Chardo View Post
You're making my point for me. Beltran, the top free agent that winter, still signed with the Mets. Doesn't matter his reasons, he would not have done so if he didn't want to play there. Same for Wagner, an A-list closer. Pedro opened the door for these signings, making it cool to be a Met.
Beltran was not the top free agent that winter Pedro was and Beltran made it very clear, it has been well chronicled, he wanted to go to the Yankees but the Yankees would not match the Mets offer. He ended up with the Mets for nothing more than money. Had the Yankees offered a dollar more he would have been across town. Had any other team offered more he would have been there too. I'll give you Wagner but again Pedro had nothing to do with it. The Mets signed Wagner in 2006 a year after Pedro was signed. He was signed because their closer the year before was Bradon Looper, enough said. Wagner had the Mets over a barrell, no other offer was even close in dollars or years to what the Mets gave him.

Martinez was on the down side of his career when the Mets got him. Only had double digit wins once in his four years and that was 2005 his first season when he won 15. In 2006 when the Mets won their division he only won 9 games. I find it hard to see how a guy in the prime of his career would want to go to the Mets because a decling Pedro Martinez is there.

Players don't go to teams to be cool, they go where thay can get paid and have a chance to win.

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