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FIRST PERIOD: Yogan is replaced by Thomas in the lineup.

Miss in goal. Miller is centering Haley and Segal on the starting face-off. Parlett and Klassen are back together on the first pairing.

Miller with a great pass to Haley, who has stone hands and just redirected the puck on the goalie. Should've scored.

Penalty on the Phantoms at 32 seconds. Kolarik-Newbury-Thomas-Mash-Pyett is the first unit.

Harper just undressed Collins, forcing him to take a penalty. Would've been a breakaway if Bourque didn't rush back.

GOAL: He did the Mash, the monster Mash. Kolarik with a nice pass to him. Noob with the other assist. Parlett did a good job keeping the puck in the offensive zone to start the play.

Vernace is being his useless self. Can't do anything right. Can't pass on the stick, can't dump the puck out, can't take a hit. Pretty sure he has to hold a gun to Kenny G's head just to be allowed to play.

Nice pass by McIlrath to Bourque, who rushes and shoots. Good play.

Miss is having a start to the good game. 9 saves in half a period.

Miller is invisible. He'll flash something nice once or twice a game, but then just disappears. Honestly, he looks like what he is: a teenager playing against adults. He's easily one of the least polished players on the team. Nowhere near NHL level. He would get embarrassed if he got called up to the NHL right now. To be perfectly honest, Miller is one of the worst players on the team.

Jean with a nice play, creating a 2-on-1 with his speed. He's surprisingly fast for a guy who's 6-foot-4. Needs to work on his shot. It's accurate, but not hard. Jean's reminding me of a faster version of Brian Boyle.

Noob with a great pass to Mash, sending him on a breakaway, but there was a terrific glove save on his very good snap shot.

Wilson took a penalty. It was a good defensive play, but he lifted the stick a little too high, and it became a hooking call. Now Noob took a penalty, but it's a bad call by the ref. It's going to be a 5-on-3 for almost full 2 minutes.

Bourque with a nice, physical play on the PK to stop the rush. Parlett doing well tonight.

GOAL: Just 4 seconds before the of the 5-on-3, Phantoms scored on a hard shot from 50 feet out. Miss was screened.

Tessier provokes a penalty. Hopefully we'll go up again.

Thomas keeps firing away from the blue line on the PP. He has a superstar shot. Tremendously hard and very accurate.

GOAL: Segal scored. Parlett did a good job keeping the puck in. J.T. Miller also got an assist, but only because the puck touched his foot by accident on the way from Parlett to Segal.

Bourque got slashed. He left the ice. Hopefully nothing serious, he's been playing well.

McIlrath tried to make a goalie-style kick save of the puck on the offensive blue line, almost made a split, and obviously the puck went through. Terrible decision to try this.

Whale playing well to close out the period. Pyett is having a good period.

FIRST PERIOD OVER. Miss with 10 saves on 11 shots. The new line of Mash-Noob-Kolarik is looking good.

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