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01-23-2013, 06:12 PM
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I think Nino can be a good player(and given the opportunity, and the time, I think that's what he will be), but at this point there is just no way Nino could get Fowler. I'm sure plenty of the people arguing that Nino could are pointing to draft position, but at this point it seems pretty clear that Fowler's drop was undeserved. His play in the NHL should definitely overshadow any drop in the draft.

Edit: Also, A Pointed Stick, while Fowler's +/- could certainly be used as an argument against his defensive game in his first season, I definitely would not make the same argument in his second. For those that believe in Corsi, his QoC was pretty poor in the first season, but it was quite high in his second. Anaheim threw him out against the toughest competition, and really, he did a pretty good job(particularly when Hiller got his game together and stopped giving up softies). Anyone who looks at his second season, and compares it to his first with no context is making a mistake.

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