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Originally Posted by rWoHockeyman88 View Post
Hey guys, got a question for you. I have been debating tickets to the noon Ottawa game on March 3rd and then getting Flyers Wives carnival tickets for the next day.

My daughter is about to turn 1 on Jan 27th and I thought it would be a cool experience to take her to these events. We would sit in the lower bowl 5 or 6 rows from the ice for the Ottawa game. Believe it or not, she enjoys watching hockey on tv. She has since she was 4 months. I think its the back and forth motion on the tv. I'd love to get your thoughts on this if any parents have done it.

I live in Richmond, VA so it's going to be 5 hour drive and a hotel room to do this event with my wife and daughter. Basically, it's a gamble I am willing to take but others experiences would be appreciated as I continue to think this through.
My advice from seeing others do it (including some of my good friends) is to save the money and wait until she's a bit older. Unless you know for sure that she's good around loud noises and big crowds, it can actually end up being a very traumatic experience for her and can be a very stressful experience for you too. Most people who take their VERY little kids to games end up spending more time tending to their kids than they do watching the game and it's a lot of $$$ to spend to have to go to the disgusting men's bathroom @ the WFC and change a diaper.

3 of my friends tried to take their 2 year old (or younger) kids to games. All 3 of them told me afterwards that they regretted it. One of them had to leave the game after the Flyers scored 4 times in a period and the goal horn launched their child into crying fits each time, another had to go change a diaper in the middle of overtime.

Ultimately, it's your choice but at the age of 1, she's too young to ever really remember this, so it really comes down to how you would most enjoy a game:
1) Watching from the comfort of home w/ your daughter where you know you will both have a good time
2) Getting a babysitter and going to the game yourself / with the wife / with a friend
3) Taking you daughter to the game, knowing that it's likely she might cry at the sound of the goal horn and will likely require you to divert your attention away from the game for 50 or so % of the time.

If your wife is going to the game with you, then it's a little bit better, but be sure and ask her opinion, because I think all of us guys here know she'll be the one dealing with any crying / diaper changes if they occur during the 3rd period of a close game


The carnival is a great idea though. That's a family friendly atmosphere, no loud goal horns, etc. It's also a good deal cheaper than going to a game and you won't miss anything if your child starts to cry or needs a diaper change.

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