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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Ability, or production? Because to my recollection the language used has been "best" goal scorer, not "most prolific" or "productive by a specific date" goal scorer, and Bure was perfectly healthy in February of 1998, if not 100% "in rhythm". That your opinion is in favour of Selanne is fine, and defensible. That you completely dismiss the strength of claims that can be made for others, like Bure in particular, and then try to claim that you've done no such thing, makes absolutely no sense to me on either level.
If you didn't have a history of antagonizing me on HOH, maybe I'd have more patience for you.

Teemu Selanne was in the middle of a very good three-season peak in 1998. Bure was not. Selanne was the better goal scorer at this time. By a decent margin, considering Bure's inability to string together quality seasons in the years prior - as well as getting outscored despite playing nine additional games. When Bure would hit his peak years later in 2000 and 2001, he was on a similar level to Selanne in 1998. But Pavel Bure in 1998 is no more Pavel Bure in 2001 than Teemu Selanne in 2001 is Teemu Selanne in 1998.

Nothing that I have said is in conflict with itself. But for some reason, you would rather discuss the English language with me than hockey.

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