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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
That's the annoying reality with part of the fans and media in Montreal. We eat our young. We will often scrape the bottom of the barrel for anything that can be considered remotely negative about our young players. I suppose that's par for the course when considering it's a rather large fan base.
I disagree.

The biggest problem with part of the fans and media in Montreal is that we have seen mediocrity for so long that it is embraced.

Gauthier for example. Look at the support he got throughout his tenure as he ran this team into the ground.

Leblanc is another. As of right now, he does not have the mental toughness to be in the NHL but he is loved by the fans.

Eller is one more. With his experience, he should be making an impact instead of being benched.

Popular young players.......but with limited impact.....obtain hero status in Montreal by a segment of the fan base. And if that player is criticized or questioned, that segment of the fan base is the loudest in rebuttal.

This thread is a good example (although I do not think PK is mediocre........he simply has become a legend before he has had a chance to earn legendary status)

And with all that said, I am ready for this standoff to be settled and have PK back on the ice.

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