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01-23-2013, 06:44 PM
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i figured his take is the usual. 'bernier is LA's big asset to trade....blah...blah....'

until we get willie back and are still struggling, im not concerned with the D back there. it's time for whiskey to earn his keep back there. it's time for muzzin to show what he has. it's time for the established guys to have their boundaries and responsibility pushed further. in other words.....step up and prove yourself.

DD has looked good, but i don't want him skating 25+ minutes a night. to much wear and tear on the body. even more you could tell late in the game last night he was fading physically. with willie back it will absorb some of those minutes and get him back to the 20-22 minutes a night workload, which has been his average. more ice time isn't always a positive thing, it doesn't equal more 'quality' ice time.

i don't think DL has to make any moves for a D just yet either. the argument of playing offhand or not is a no win debate. to me it's not a killer and guys easily can compensate and even improve their chances of shots on goal. playing on the offhand means they can get shots to the nets many times a guy on his stick side won't. the wingers often cheat to the boards, so the offhand stick has an open lane. the counter argument can be made, but a puck can just as easily bounce over a stick on (we saw plenty of that with Jack over the years). in the end it comes down to a player's comfort and skill level to do it. to me this isn't a reason to make a trade for a D man. the lack of physicality in the slot, especially on the PK is more of a concern.

ive been surprised at Brown so far seeing as how he was playing overseas. i expected a quick start for him. the other guys obviously were more interested in playing pick up hockey, ice fishing and chasing ass during the lockout. i guess when your one of just over 700 guys that can play at this level and be a top 6 - it means you can do as you please.

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