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Originally Posted by hockieguy View Post
As far as not being associated with this team is incorrect. I and my wife are season pass holders and have paid money to see this team. We have every right to ask questions of anyone associated with this team. As a paying customer, their product is accountable to two of the people that contribute to their profits. Fans make this team and this league, and any other league possible to exist. So, if a team is not accountable to the fans paying to see them, then who are they accountable too? That is why I ask questions.
This is probably the most intelligent thing I have read on this Board... EVER. A forthright season ticket holder gets called out as "creepy" by a group that fawns over SK. That same group keep their blinders on about the whole PLK experience... read Simmons book on Frost, Keefe etc. Better still, talk to a goalie named Chestnut and this group may get a different picture then the delusions that result from drinking red & white koolaid.

Take a look at how this league is run. The best season this league has had in the past 15 years that I have been following it (perhaps EVER)... along with a gratuitous "hockey void" brought on by an NHL lock-out... and what happens? Two things happen: 1. attendance dramatically declines in good markets (and if you believe the attendance stats, Kville is having a good year)... and 2. talk about charging players and playing in markets like Wellington, Kingston and Trenton. This Commissioner should be canned.

All you need to do is look at the cast of characters who are running this league and the personal connections to Wellington... and its pretty easy to connect the dots. City teams will be pushed out and teams further west will be brought in. What?... no talk about the Junior A Hockey Alliance? No talk about going outlaw and leaving Hockey Canada? When that happens, there will be zero accountability. Franchise values and the brand of this league will be sunk. How many buyers are lining up to buy Kanata? LOL.

What about teams and owners with close connections to Hockey Canada? What about coaches and players looking to advance in Hockey Canada? How will this league or any team be able to recruit any players local or foreign, with a "pay to play in an outlaw league" slogan.

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