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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post

And I also don't see a problem with having faith that Subban gets better and puts up the offense eventually. His career to date has shown a steep progression curve, no reason to expect it to stop. We know the skills he has, I don't see how anybody looks at him and thinks he's done offensively, that's all you're going to get. I believe he'll grow, and I believe it strongly enough that I'd have no problems putting it in a contract.

Something that has a $6M-ish cap hit can be back-loaded to account for this *expected* progression. I'm sticking with my $50M/8yr offer, again. $5-5-6-6-7-7-7-7M. 5 years from now, nobody will blink at $7M for a #1 defenseman who plays great in his own zone, hits like a truck, scores 60 points, and sells more jerseys than any defenseman in Habs history. A $6.25M cap hit doesn't really hurt us too much in the meantime vs. his present value of $5M, and it becomes a minor bargain later on. All while keeping him below Carey Price's $6.5M cap hit.

Those are our two superstars, so far. Those aren't horrible cap hits for those guys on super-long-term deals. And if Galchenyuk is a 1st line player for us off his ELC, I'm more than happy to see him getting $6M too.

Obviously there are some insurance issues and risk factors associated with handing out a big contract worth $50M over a lot of years. But hey, welcome to the NHL. Teams with far weaker finances than ours are managing it and taking the risks. I don't see why the Habs would choose to be disadvantaged on that score, we the fans are paying the big bucks and making this team one of the biggest revenue teams in the league, put it to work.
Whatever happen, cap is going down 6 millions next year that is 9 % less that what could be provide now, so if PK ask for 5.5-6 before the lock out, he needs to get down to 5-5.5 as a starter price, with negociation i would not alloud him more than 4 million per on a 2 year term. If Bergevin really offers him 3 millions, they should not really be that far apart....

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