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01-23-2013, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by sully61 View Post
Also another thing I don't like is these idiots on the board giving him an insulting nickname of the nose. Let's see your picture of yourself before insulting a player of your favorite team.
We are obviously insulting him so that when he reads thru the forum (and you know he does) he'll get pissed off and take his anger out on the opposition.

Are you waging the same campaign against posters questioning the intelligence of Holland or Babcock by demanding SAT scores and GPA's, and requiring +/- stats from everyone who thinks Quincey has been terrible so far?

It's a nickname, not an insult. Going out on a shaky limb here and thinking that it's on his radar that he's got an impressive schnoz. We like the kid and his start for the team, and "the nose plays" came to mind for me from Ocean's 13.

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