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Originally Posted by Isles Fan View Post
You need to make up your mind what you are comparing. You originally said the Mets signing Pedro lead to other big signings, because "guys would want to get in on it", when it in fact did not. Now your are saying a veteran to lead the younger guys. Which is it?

The Delgado trade had nothing to do with Pedro. The Marlins were in the midst of one of their fire sales. Thsy gt ride of Delgado and his salary for two young guys. A few days later the Marlins unloaded Beckett and Loweel to the Red Sox for the same reason. Lets face it, Delgado was not really a big time player. Never hit better than .271 as a Met, had descent HR numbers , hit 38 twice in his Met tenure, but overall not a big time guy and Pedro had nothing to do with Delgado becoming a Met.

As for Wang's comments on FAN, he has made those comments before about how he is willing to spend but it never happens. Wang seems to think that having a new address will make FA's come here but it won't. No player has ever said they did not sign with the NYI because of the building they play in. That theroy has been shoved down our throats by ownership becasue it was a convient excuse, now they don't have that excuse anymore but I am sure they'll come up with somehting new. Players want to win, it's really plain and simple. There is no dedication to winning here so why would a big time name come here?
Jesus Christ man, you are getting pretty worked up over a meaningless comparison.

First of all, I never said anything about how signing Pedro lead to other signings. Even if I did, who gives a ****? You get the idea of the comparison. A big veteran signing could go a long way to making this team relevant. Pedro gave the Mets an identity. I don't think it's crazy to think a UFA signing could do the same for the Isles.

As far as Wang and the arena deal goes, it's not about the building. I never bought into that either. It's about the uncertainty of the Islanders' future. A free agent that comes here doesn't know if he's going to be living in NY or in Kansas City or somewhere else. Why would any sought-after player decide to go to a bottom-feeding team that might relocate a couple of years after they sign? That is what I think will make things different next offseason and the offseason's after.

To say flat out that no UFAs will come here just makes you come off as one of those pessimistic fans that people end up ignoring. "OH great... this guy again". We get it. You hate the Isles but you like to post about it on their message board. The fact that you are getting worked up over a Pedro Martinez comp. just makes it worse.

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