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01-23-2013, 07:53 PM
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I was there last night, tons of fun! Was kind of hoping for more Rock than we got, but when he came back out to give Punk the Rock Bottom it was so worth it.

After the Smackdown taping, Big Show came back out and made a bunch of racial remarks towards Del Rio (who was still under the announcer's table) and said that he had a match with Del Rio right now for the Championship belt. Once Del Rio got in the ring, Big Show stated it was a no DQ match. Couple of cool table spots later, and Del Rio won. He was really over, and shook hands with fans after.

Khali defeated Epico, then Primo got on the mic and challenged Khali. Khali did the exact same moves to Primo and won the match. Super boring
Justin Gabriel defeated Kurt Hawkins, crowd was super dead for both. Kurt Hawkins cut his hair.

Saturday Morning Slam:
Kofi and Brodus Clay defeated Prime Time Players, PTP are hilarious...well, Titus is.

Main Event:
Ryback defeated Cesaro via countout. Cesaro got some offense in, and then eventually was thrown over the ropes, and walked out of the match.
Rhodes Scholars defeated Usos

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