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01-23-2013, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
With any and all hockey equipment, price is inversely proportional to time passed if we assume one cannot ever go back in time.

The T1 is a phenomenal stick, as is the Dolomite and Widow. All three are distinctly and noticeably different in terms of feel and how they will perform. Unless you give us some more info regarding your preferences, we cannot actually help you.
Looking for something durable with still some performance. The reason I sway from Easton is due to the durable factor.

I don't lean into my shots alot, I take fast wrist and snap shots. I rarely ever take slapshots. I have heard stories of both the Total One and Widow being not durable, which is my main worry since I know both will have alot of performance.

I play about once a week and don't get much slashes. I'm an average player not a beginner I just don't get alot of time to play anymore with college. I'm more of a passing player than a shooting player but I don't want the thing to be jello if I take several shots.

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