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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Never in question.

All I see is speculation. Not saying you are wrong but you can't form a conclusion with that level of speculation. While a discussion point, I would say that nothing remotely definitive can come from it.

Not really. They can't do that to hide cap space moving forward. I don't think they will buy him out, but you guys aren't in great shape, cap wise, next year.

I didn't think Brass/Mason was a bad start. We'll have to shed a contract. Then again Gilles indicated he was waiting for the other team to move a player. So, honestly, I have no idea what the deal would look like. This isn't the Nash contract, this contract from Luongo has some risk. I wouldn't give you much in the way of assets. The only reason I agreed to Brass is I'm not sold that he is part of the future of this team.

Personally, as I said in the Bob thread, this really doesn't pass the smell test to me.
What part would be speculative? That Van is a goalie graveyard? Or that he might be better off in TO as it might be less pressure than here. "Might" is always going to be speculative word. I wasnt stating as fact. But what is fact is Van is a goalie graveyard. That part is known.

I wasnt aware that you cant bury contracts in minors anymore. My bad, I should have looked it up before. Know I know Vancouver is always going to be up against the cap. We are a cap team. The core players have all taken less money to stay as a team. The fact that the Sedins, Kesler, Burrows, Bieksa, Hamhuis, Edler and Schnider are all locked up for good money is good. Having said that, their window to win the cup is this year or next year. After that the twins are UFA's.

Mason would not work here. I get that it would be moving a contract out, I just dont see why we would take him on, and given that this market is hard on goalies to begin with, I dont think he would survive is he goes into a slump. How many years left on Mason? Brassard could fit a need on the 3rd line once Kesler comes back. I would like that. Seems like a good decent young player with loads of upside.

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