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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Bergevin - along with Therrien - appreciate a strong work ethic and a general good attitude. When he walks into negociations with a young kid who hasn't even been training yet, and hears the numbers he's asking for without thinking about taking any less, he does not see that attitude he so much desires. He wants his guys to think of the team first and he doesn't see that at all when he hears the terms being thrown around from Subban and Meehan.

All it takes is for Subban to say, "You know what? Give me that bridge contract. I just want to play." Then in 2 years, Bergevin will be more than happy to give a larger contract to a Subban that is a bit older, a bit more mature, and has shown he was willing to give back to the team before taking a lot of money.

That's why I believe Bergevin is not budging. If I'm correct, I cannot fault him at all.
Stop. PK has been training just as much as any other player this offseason. Conditioning is NEVER an issue for PK. He's a very hard worker so if Therrien and Bergevin think PK's work ethic and attitude need to be upgraded then they are both fools.

As far as giving back. The team dumped a rookie into a tough position where he had to be the guy for 2 years. He was hunted by every team and the previous administration did nothing to protect him. Then you have the audacity to say he should "give back" when he gets a lowball offer? C'mon man.

I still don't get the maturity issue. He's involved in a lot of programs that help people. He helped Laraque in Haiti. Where were the other Habs? He's an exuberant guy and some don't know how to handle it. I think as a man he's very mature. He just may not be up to the NHL's archaic standards with how a young player is supposed to act.

In 2 years time I can see the same "maturity" complaint. That will follow him for the rest of his career.

It's silly.

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