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06-25-2006, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by turnbuckle
Yeah - I feel like an idiot for being a messenger.

The last time I share a tidbit around here I can guarantee you that. People are way too narrow minded to handle it.
I feel like I'm being called here and I just hope you do not stop giving us infos based on what I said or other people have said. I don't believe the majority of the people should pay for the minority, it just makes too important for what they really are.

But people who read what I wrote, have to know that it wasn't badly intented if I spoke about it but really more of a real question mark about why we would choose somebody who would be like he is.

But I did realize that the real problem is not you, Turnbuckle, reporting what you've been told but mostly the scouts with their bad choice of words. To be cocky and being a little harsh on your coaches has nothing to do with being dumb. Just hear Kessel speak and you'll have more question marks on him than on Fischer who I thought was excited, interesting in the interviews I saw, seemed down to earth, ready to go and I was more impressed by him than any other kid interviewed yesterday. Those kids are 17-18 years old, I'm much older than that and I'm pretty dumb with some answers too when I get interviewed. Just watch the NHL Access on the NHL Network and you'll see some pretty tough questions that are asked.

But it's true that we should 've just taken your report and deal with it without talking about it day in day out.

So again, I don't think stopping to report what you hear is a problem, and I suggest not stopping it. But in the end, you'll do what you want, right???

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