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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Cool, I mean to be honest, you don't NEED performance for the kind of hockey you are playing. That being said, all of them are great sticks. It all comes down to individual preference. Regarding durability, as long as you're not the type to go through sticks regularly, this shouldn't be as big of a concern.

The Dolo is probably your best value. I strongly feel that it's a great 'jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none' type of stick. While it's release, puck feel, power transfer and overall performance might not stack up to a T1 or Widow, it does everything well.

I have a Widow, Dolo two-piece (almost the same thing) and a One95 (T1 predecessor sharing same mid-kick release) and can easily interchange between them. The Widow I feel has the best puck feel; it's a very sharp and crisp sensation without being overly rigid (which I think makes it harder to cradle passes), almost a 'just right' feeling between feel and blade stiffness. The release on the Widow is very quick and true, but has a unique 'flinging' sensation loading it up, meaning that you might feel the upper half of the shaft flex a little while the taper remains solid. The only drawback would be that I always feel that it's a little fragile; that I'm always afraid to lean into it, dig in corners or stick check someone. It's held up fine so far save for a couple of chips in the hosel however.

The One95's mid kick is where it really shines. Slapshots are so much better with it. The release is a little slower than the Widow due to the different kickpoint, but I feel more confident in placing shots in terms of accuracy. I think 'control' is a good word.

Jarick can give you some insight into the Diablo/Dynasty.
Thanks so much man, i'll PM him if he doesn't see this haha.

Yeah I mean i'm just looking for a medium stick and I know alot of people like the Widow and Total One so it is a hard choice. I'll ask around as well and get the feel of the sticks before I purchase.

The 15% off is for Hockey Monkey if you're interested. Thanks again.

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